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Literature [WAEC 2010]

Instruction: Answer all questions choosing the correct options lettered A to D
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Read the passage and answer the question

Here in the station it is in no way different save that the city is busy in its snow. But the old men cling to their seats as though they were symbolic and could not be given up. Now and then they sleep, their grey old heads resting with painful awkwardness on the backs of the benches
Also they are not at rest. For an hour they may sleep in the gasping exhaustion of the ill-nourished and aged. who have to walk in the night. Then a policeman comes by on his rounds and nudges them upright.
''You can't sleep here'', he growls.
A strange ritual then begins. An old man is difficult to wake. One man after a slight lurch, does not move at all, droning centre of the hive rather than in some lonely room fulfilled.

''.... on the backs of the benches'' illustrates

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 Read the extract and answer the question

If thou hast any sound, or use of voice,
Speak to me;
That may be any good thing to be grace to me,
Speak to me;
If thou art privy to thy country's fate,
Which, happily, foreknowing may avoid,
O, speak!
Or if thou has uphoarded in thy life
Extorted treasure in the womb of earth,
For which, they say, you spirits oft walk in death
Speak of it:
(Act 1 scene one, lines 129-139)

The speaker is


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