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Getting Started with CBTquiz, please read this so you can have the best user experience

No Registration is Required

You can use our service without the need to register. But being registered gives you access to a lot more features such as contributing in discussions and participating in group quizzes and tutor-marked quizzes.

Registered Accounts

When you register through Google or Facebook account, your account is automatically verified. If you have registered through email, you can use a code sent to your email address to verify your account. If not, you may need to connect either Google or Facebook to your account for it to be verified. An unverified account will still not have access to all features.


Anyone can create an examination otherwise known as a quiz. Quizzes could be either objective (single/multiple-option based questions) or tutor-marked (essay-type questions). Participation in some quizzes can be restricted to members of a group created by its author. These quizzes are termed private quizzes. A private quiz and an Essay quiz can only be attempted by registered members. Additionally, the member has to be a member of a group to attempt a private quiz. Tutors and group administrators can grade submitted quizzes. When a quiz is not graded, the candidate should feel free to contact the tutor. Tutors are advised to leave a contact detail in their Bio.


Groups are created to have better control over quiz participants. A group owner should have created a quiz first, then create a group, add email addresses to the group, and then give the group access to some select quizzes. If a group is open, then anyone can join without a need for the admin to accept them. But when it is a closed group, an admin must accept new participant before they can gain access.


Results of quizzes are not saved for visitors. But members can access their results at anytime, and even go ahead to give permission to email addresses to be able to view their scores. Parents and teachers can use this account monitoring feature to monitor the performance of their students/wards/children. Tutors and group admins will have to grade Essay-type quiz submissions before candidate can find full score and feedback.


Members can contribute in discussions. New thread can be opened. Discussions can also be based on a quiz, quiz result, quiz question, or as a response to an on-going discussion. Photos can be attached. Discussions are reviewed before being published. Some accounts that have gained some amount of trust can be enabled for auto-approval of comments. You may not be able to see question even in discussion if you do not have access to the quiz questions.


We are working on ways to make sure creators on this platform have some value received in return. We are currently working on an advertisement system that would make it easy for quiz publishers to show advertisements to candidates taking a quiz. Also, we will work on a payment system which will make it possible for tutors to be paid to grade quiz submissions. There are more features in the our laboratory.

If you have any concerns about this, please connect to us by using our contact page. If it is a question on how to use this platform, you can use the comment below