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question_answer Quiz Response

Posted by Obinna Osuji
6 Years ago · 28 December 2017 19:48

Question 50 asks that one selects an option in which the structural feature mentioned is not involved in water conservation.
The answer ought to be feathers and not succulent stems.
Critically analyze this and correct me if I am wrong.

With regards to question 43,there are 3 alleles (A, B and O) responsible for the four blood group types seen in man.

Question 44
Plants are more primitive than animals; mosses are more primitive than flowering plants; fishes are more primitive than reptiles. However, invertebrates are more primitive than birds, and as such older fossil-bearing rocks (which should contain the more primitive organism) should contain invertebrates rather than birds.

Question 38
The beaks and legs of birds usually adapt them to the type of food they eat. As such, the fact that the egret and heron have the similar legs and beaks should be based on the fact that they both feed on fish.

Question 36
As one moves from left to right in the food chain, the number of individuals ought to decrease - the primary consumers should be less than the producers; the secondary consumers less than the primary consumers;the tertiary consumers less than the secondary consumers; and so on.

Question 29
Atmospheric nitrogen is converted to forms plants can assimilate by lightning and nitrogen fixation (whether symbiotic or non symbiotic).

Question 22
Fats and oils contain more calories per gram than carbohydrates (and indeed other classes of food nutrients), and so provide more energy. The answer here ought to be butter.

Question 11
Selective reabsorption takes place at the proximal convoluted tubules (which is labelled IV in the diagram). The distal convoluted tubules (labelled III in the diagram) is mainly concerned with osmoregulation (homeostatic processes).

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