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speaker_notes Use of English (JAMB 1994)

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This is for O'level students preparing for Economics WAEC examination.
Instruction: Achieve at least 50% in less than 30 seconds per question.
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

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Use the passage below to answer questions 16 to 26. The
passage has gaps numbered 16 to 26 immediately following
each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most
appropriate option for each gap.

Two thirds of children in…16…[A. industrialized B.
socialized C. technological D. modernized] societies no longer
have family life. They are virtually abandoned to child-minders
froma very tender age. The…17...[A. disregard B. indifference
C. alienation D. inattention] fromtheirmothers brings suffering
and makes it impossible for them to achieve a healthy social life.
The…18…[A. development B. increase C. appreciation D.
inflation] in the number of suicides, the rates of drug addiction
and…19…[A. delinquency B. irresponsibility C. satanism D.
truancy] among young people may be to a large extent, due to
these premature separations which take place before sufficient
time has…20…[A. materialized B. occurred C. surfaced D.
Provided by
elapsed] for attachment to develop. ‘This is one of the causes of
psychosis in children today’ says a psychiatrist who believes
that breast-feeding is one of the basic cares which many children
of this age are…21…[A. tantalizedwith B. denied of C. left with
D. spared of]. This psychiatrist argues that breast-feeding
extends into the world outside the womb, a liquid bond with the
inside of the mother’s body; a bond…22…[A. close to B. the
same as C. unrelated to D. irrelevant to] that which the baby
had with the placenta inside the uterus. Rhythmic rocking to
and fro is…23…[A. an elongation B. a demonstration C. a
continuation D. a stretching] of the movement that the child
experienced before it was born. As for the baby’s…24…[A.
squeezing against B. separation from C. likeness for D.
pressure against] its mother’s body, it reminds the child of
the…25…[A. reassuring B. uncomfortable C. amusing D.
unpleasant] pressure of the uterus, and enables it to…26…[A.
unearth B. rediscover C. learn D. explore] the rhythms of its
mother’s breathing and heartbeat.

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